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Dancing with fans,Behai parkStory telling Long Gallery Tiantan Park Temple of HeavenAngkor Wat CambodiaMr Guan and his cat. White Pagoda BeijingCai Dai Wu Dao dancing with ribbons,Behai ParkCormorant fisherman Yangshuo,GuilinChinese traditional operaChain whip,"Bian" used in some traditional chinese martial artsFlagpole balancing 10 metre flagpole  balanced on fingertipsShijia Hutong communityUnique style of martial arts fitnessThe traditional Zheng played by Sun RunZheng Jian,traditional street barber BeijingVa  ethnic minority YunnanDancing with dragons in Beijings parksMonks from the Lama Temple,BeijingBallroom dancing Tiantan ParkTraditional boatyard Beidaihe Hebei ProvinceXiu Chung Zhu, Tai Chi masterQingdao,Shandong Province